In 2022, I worked with a life coach from March to June and it really helped me discover myself!

Life coaching has really taught me that thinking for yourself and being independent believing in yourself is really really key to being able to launch off on your own!

A lot of times we have these roadblocks that were not even conscientious of that stop us from having a suited job that we can be successful at showing our talents and strengths and abilities to the best best of our ability and to really moving forward so we can take on our life more move forward and feel fulfilled and accomplished!

Life coaching has really taught me that you just have to have that dog mentality of really putting yourself out there even when things are uncomfortable and can be a stressful environment and you’re walking into the unknown you just have to do it anyway you have to be uncomfortable in order to be comfortable if you just go through the motions and don’t get out of your comfort zone and just keep doing what you’re doing you won’t be as happy and you won’t have the same purpose in life!

After doing farmers markets for a few years I really liked it a lot but the money wasn’t consistent income and I felt like I needed to challenge myself and put myself out there a little bit more and just feel like I’m accomplishing something more so I got hired by Meijer, Buesches Grocery Store, had a two men in the truck interview ECA School kit Warehouse interview, Walmart!

The key in life is to have resilience have push yourself challenge yourself play your passions and strengths, have great use your creative juices, have to make incremental progress and growth everyday to get feel and be better!

Until you overcome your mental rut obstacles and put yourself out there with grit in the unknown and uncomfortable with big progress, resilience and really show what you have to offer to the world you’re just going through the motions and not living the life that you could potentially have!!!

Even the things that are impossible and seem impossible can actually be done through huge action!!!!

Believing in yourself is really really key and the more you put yourself out there the more value you show!

You want to work smarter and not harder but there’s no such thing as the easy way you also don’t want to spread yourself too thin but you also don’t want to throw all your eggs in one basket!!!

So it’s ultimately having that life of structure Independence and making the life you want to be and have with balance moving forward and feeling fulfilled and challenging yourself and having resilience along the way!!!

And being consistent is really key too!!! A lot of things in life there’s not necessarily a right or wrong way to do but there’s more ideal ways to do them it’s about what’s intuitively comfortable and right for the individual!!!

You don’t want to be known as the guy who’s always trying to stay in contact with people and exchange phone numbers emails with people or be known as the salesman or the guy that doesn’t have his act together but it’s just having that fine line and happy medium and middle ground!!!

You got this!!!

Build on your future and know it is about the journey and not about the destination and process not about the outcome and know that the little things add up and are key too and our wins too but don’t get discouraged and get down!!!

I’ve learned from life coaching even on bad days you can still be on a roll and those days aren’t all that bad of yours!

It’s about looking yourself in the mirror of how you can be better and what you need to fix and do differently and recognizing what the problem is!

We are all human don’t take things personal or beat yourself up!!!

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